Storage is another critical piece of the energy puzzle, and batteries and electrical storage systems in particular are expected to play a key role in transforming the energy industry. Our clients are developing revolutionary advances in batteries with improved energy density, power density, thermal management, life span, adaptability to all climates, size, weight, degrading and disposal. In addition to batteries, electric storage systems have seen remarkable improvements in load leveling, reducing congestion, and stabilizing energy to mitigate system disturbances, as well as improvements in other ancillary services.

Recently, our Alternative and Renewable Energy Group has assisted clients:

  • To develop advanced batteries for multiple applications, including storage and dispatchability for wind and solar power, backup and remote backup power for the telecommunications industry, load leveling for electric utilities and power for electric/hybrid vehicles; developing and manufacturing all-electric vehicles; and developing solar thermal air conditioning and refrigeration products.
  • To develop smart grid demonstration projects (transmission and test house) for a local government utility.
  • To negotiate with the Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NEDO and several large Japanese manufacturing companies.