Lawyers and other professionals within our firm are actively involved in drafting legislation and representing insurance and insurance-related companies and governmental entities before state legislatures with respect to various issues affecting the insurance industry. For example, in Arizona, Kutak Rock’s lawyers and lobbying professionals have strong relationships with many key members of the Arizona State Legislature, the Governor’s Office and other insurance lobbyists. Such relationships enable us to secure appropriate sponsorship and committee assignments for legislation we have been retained to draft and lobby. Because of our extensive knowledge of insurance industry regulation and our experience in the legislative process, Kutak Rock has been successful in protecting and furthering the interests and needs of our insurance industry clients. In 2012 alone, our lobbying efforts before a state legislature aided in the defeat of several legislative proposals that would have severely and negatively impacted the health insurance industry. Among those were legislation requiring health insurers to provide extensive claims information to small employers, legislation permitting unregulated, out-of-state insurers to sell health insurance in a particular state, legislation requiring health insurers to cover all administrative costs related to childhood immunizations and legislation allowing small employers to pool their health insurance risks. Lawyers in this area have spoken at the ABA National Convention on the Affordable Care Act and continue to work on issues related to the development of a state insurance exchange.