The National Management Labor Group represents employers in a range of sizes up to Fortune 50 companies in a variety of industries, such as banking and financial, education, broadcasting, telecommunications, news and media, business services, entertainment, lodging and gaming, wholesale and retail, transportation and distribution, health care, information technology, manufacturing, energy and natural resources. Our attorneys bring a high level of skill and thoughtful experience to each corporate client across the U.S. in a range of union-related matters including resulting litigation, union organizing campaigns, corporate campaigns, collective bargaining, grievance and arbitration proceedings, primary and secondary work stoppage activity, unfair labor practice proceedings, federal and state lobbying, and the development of labor strategies for various business transactions.

Our attorneys provide thoughtful legal guidance and representation to employers in all issues and forums arising under the National Labor Relations Act and similar laws, including:

  • Addressing traditional, non-traditional and counter-union organizing and recognition campaigns.
  • Development of “up-front” proactive corporate labor strategies and on-site implementation.
  • Litigation, governmental agency investigation components and public relations issues stemming from union organizing, corporate and recognition campaigns.
  • Collective bargaining agreement strategies and negotiations.
  • Labor litigation to include unfair labor practice and compliance proceedings, boycotts, business disruptions, work stoppages and strikes, injunctions and related appeals.
  • Guidance relating to the avoidance and administration of strikes, mass picketing and related business disruptions.
  • Section 10 interference with the business operations of NLRA-covered employers and Railway Labor Act-covered employers.
  • Guidance and litigation arising out of grievances and arbitrations stemming from individual unit or multiemployer collective bargaining agreements.
  • Labor strategies in business transactions.
  • Tribal sovereignty conflicts with federal labor law.

Labor Group attorneys also provide employers with thoughtful advice, strategies and representation in union-sponsored corporate campaigns. As unions are turning away from traditional NLRB-conducted elections and focusing on broad-range campaigns designed to bring economic, public, regulatory and political pressure on corporate employers, Labor Group attorneys team with other attorneys within the firm to bring a coordinated approach to defending the various forms of litigation that arise out of these campaigns. Labor Group attorneys also team with various outside organizations and political coalitions to combat pressures applied by unions trying to coerce corporate clients to enter into neutrality agreements, card check agreements or similar arrangements.

When a client needs advice as it plans operational changes in unionized environments during a merger and acquisition, relocation or financial restructuring, our assistance begins with the initial planning phase and continues through the implementation of their corporate initiatives.