Kutak Rock’s team of nationally recognized product liability and mass tort attorneys has represented hundreds of Fortune 500 corporations, private companies and public entities in all types of complex and multiparty tort actions, including high-exposure and catastrophic injury cases involving pharmaceutical products and medical devices, automotive products, food products, asbestos-containing products, chemical products, industrial machinery and heavy equipment, and general products.

We recognize the substantial risks facing products manufacturers and help our clients develop policies and procedures, owner’s manuals and product labels that avoid or minimize the risk of litigation. Once a dispute has arisen, we serve as lead trial counsel, interact with state and federal regulatory agencies, implement and manage product recalls, coordinate multidistrict claims, and serve as national coordinating and discovery counsel.

Kutak Rock’s attorneys have a deep understanding of the science and engineering principles involved in each product we defend. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to demonstrate our theory of the case, and we work with our extensive network of top experts in each field to educate and persuade the parties and the jury.