Kutak Rock LLP’s Alternative and Renewable Energy Group focuses on energy transactions including energy generation, energy storage, energy transmission, energy finance, energy efficiency, energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), smart grid technology and energy disputes. We are dedicated to making our clients successful in their alternative and renewable energy ventures. We don’t just sit on the sidelines of transactions; we explore and recommend innovative ways of structuring and financing transactions that meet our clients’ needs.

In the growing industry of clean energy, our attorneys have a history of working closely with our clients to achieve and surpass their business goals. From emerging start-ups, mature green technology businesses, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, venture capital and private equity firms to financial institutions, we help clients navigate this intricate and rapidly changing marketplace. With well-integrated practice groups across the firm, we:

  • Creatively structure projects and companies with public and private funding sources;
  • Zealously negotiate contracts;
  • Protect assets, patents and intellectual property, and establish their value;
  • Provide strategic advice for corporate structuring and tax opportunities;
  • Offer risk management strategies to eliminate or greatly reduce the threat of litigation;
  • Assist with the commercialization of breakthrough technology;
  • Routinely identify ways to establish compliance with regulatory and legislative mandates from the government;
  • Provide alternative dispute resolution, arbitration or mediation assistance;
  • Rigorously litigate construction and environmental issues, traditional tort, property disputes, products liability, employment matters and appeals;
  • Introduce access to capital and investment opportunities; and
  • Structure and execute exit strategies for founding investors including mergers, acquisitions, sales and initial public offerings.

In addition to our transactional business expertise and litigation experience, we also routinely assist clients with regulatory compliance, permitting and environment impact analysis. Especially in matters where the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) may require an environmental impact analysis, our attorneys provide guidance in determining the applicability of various environment procedural requirements and assist in the preparation of environmental analyses and the defense of administrative or judicial challenges on projects.

For over three decades, Kutak Rock attorneys have been involved in numerous energy transactions and projects, including alternative and renewable energy. We have represented clients involved with virtually every type of energy and we are active in the industry, monitoring new developments in government programs and speaking to financial sources, developers, investors, lenders and governmental officials.