Kutak Rock LLP has a broad and dynamic Business and Corporate practice with more than 80 attorneys involved in all aspects of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation and compliance matters, transactional tax and corporate governance and compliance. The attorneys in our Business and Corporate Practice Group work diligently to gain a strong understanding of their clients' needs and goals and strive to devise innovative and value-maximizing solutions that allow our clients to successfully fulfill their needs and meet their goals. Kutak Rock’s Business and Corporate practice has earned a national reputation for innovation and top-notch client service.

Our attorneys represent businesses operating in a broad spectrum of industries, regional, national and international banks, financial institutions and investment banking firms, insurance companies, finance companies, REITs, investment funds, equity sponsors and other clients in connection with these matters. In today’s legal environment, the effective representation of corporate finance clients requires a multi-disciplined approach involving attorneys with knowledge and experience in matters beyond corporate and securities law. Expertise in areas such as environmental regulation, intellectual property, real estate, international law, taxation, employment and employee benefits, government relations, insurance and banking regulation, and bankruptcy matters can all be crucial to the successful completion of a securities offering, an acquisition or other transaction. The lawyers in our Business and Corporate Practice Group are able to bring to bear the experience of our colleagues in the firm’s other practice groups in order to meet any of our clients' needs in all of these areas.

Our attorneys distinguish themselves from money center and Wall Street firms by matching their transaction and legal expertise while, at the same time, employing favorable rate structures. Attorneys in our Business and Corporate Practice Group pride themselves in being extremely responsive to client requests and timetables.