The significant finance experience of Kutak Rock’s national public finance lawyers in kindergarten through twelfth-grade education extends from public schools, which include the growth of charter schools over the past two decades, to private schools. Understanding financing alternatives, per-pupil funding models, and various state approaches used to determine state and local funding amounts is at the core of our knowledge; however, we also know that school finance is not just dollars and cents. The experience of our attorneys also includes an appreciation for the significant planning and the establishment of priorities that exists in school finance.

Our national public finance attorneys assist our school clients in understanding the constitutional and statutory limitations prevalent in the area of school finance, as well as the debt authorization and property tax processes which typically involve the need for prior voter approval. Additionally, we have drafted legislation and participated in state legislative processes to enhance the security for school bonds and to establish new sources of funding for school facilities.

Our experience goes beyond the financing of facility acquisition, construction or renovation to energy improvements, technology equipment and instructional software and transportation systems. It ranges from general obligation bonds, to lease financings, to revenue bonds issued through a conduit issuer. We also have significant experience with the issuance of qualified zone academy bonds and qualified school construction bonds, as well as the use of new market tax credits in school financings, to help educational clients meet their financing priorities and needs.